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People say that planing a move is considered one of the most stressful things one might have to go through in life. My brother and I started this company to prove that it wasn’t as bad as everyone had thought. We wanted to revolutionize the moving brokerage and put people at ease about their long distance relocation. We partnered up with several highly reputable carriers all across the United States to make sure that our customers would get a stress free move that would not break the bank. Our mission was to provide quality service for competitive rates and pair customers with most professional and highly reputable moving companies in their area. The team and the processes we put in place has allowed us to maintain a customer satisfaction approval rating of 98%.

We are a family owned and operated south Florida bound moving company. The family principles we live by are reflected in our day to day business practices. The high-quality standards we uphold and the service guarantee we provide for each customer is the reason why we are on the way to becoming a leader in the moving and storage industry.


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Dishonest, scam operation, will try to extort money out of you
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So here is how this broker operates: – You call, they give you a reasonable estimate (over the phone, sight unseen), they request a deposit, and schedule your move. Red flag 1. – Moving day comes along and the movers do not show up on time or do not show up at all – Movers finally show up either HOURS or a day later. They arrive in a Penske, UHaul, or other rental truck instead of in a fleet or company owned. Red flag 2. – They start the move, but tell you that it’s going to be $X MORE than the estimate. You agree, having no other choice since they were late and you HAVE to move. Red flag 3. – After several hours, the movers can’t finish packing and loading since they intentionally arrived late, so they take off. – Next day: the movers show up late again. They finally finish packing and loading your stuff… – …but hey, now that everything is loaded and ready to go, it’s going to be $X MORE than the previous adjustment to the estimate. Congrats – your stuff is now held hostage! Red flag 4. So that’s a high level overview of how they operate. Digging deeper into their operation reveals that while this broker operates under the name of “Hercules Moving Solutions,” their legal name is “Top Moving Specialists.” If you keep going down the rabbit hole, you will see that one of the companies registered agents is one Rafael Ohanesyan who is currently facing felony charges in the state of Georgia. He finally surrendered to the state a few weeks ago and is out on bond. Why does this matter? Well, he operated a company by the name of Bulls Moving in the state of Illinois and was scamming people there until it finally caught up to him. Here’s some articles about him and Bulls Moving: https://www.ky3.com/2021/03/12/on-your-side-investigation-veterans-family-moves-to-the-ozarks-14000-spent-and-stuff-isnt-here/ https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/bulls-moving-rafael-ohanesyan-consumer-complaints/ https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/suburban-bulls-moving-company-owner-arrested/ But wait, they have perfect reviews on Google Maps and other sites! Nope. They are all fake. All those glowing positive reviews are posted to suppress negative reviews from actual customers. You have been warned.

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