Fairfax Transfer and Storage

Did you know all moving companies are not the same? It’s true! People who move often can tell you the quality of your CREW makes all the difference in the world!

That’s why we use ONLY EXPERIENCED CREWS; no part time or “pick-up” help. How does that benefit you?

We know how to care for YOUR valuable possessions – even your most fragile items.
Because we are experienced at working TOGETHER, we are better coordinated as a TEAM. Ever seen a group of strangers try to navigate tight doorways with delicate furniture? It pays to know each other’s work styles.
A crew that works together as an experienced team works FASTER and saves you money!

With over 40,000 damage-free moves behind us, FTS knows how to take advantage of EXPERIENCE. Besides the quality of your crew, the needs of the customers we serve is crucial. If you want to make a LOCAL move, hire a LOCAL moving company. You get two major benefits…
First, it’s cheaper. The long distance guys are geared for long hauls and they can hardly afford “small” local jobs.
Second, you get better service because you are an important customer. There are no “last minute cancellations” because a bigger and more profitable job took your crew!

We’ll ALWAYS be there, as promised!

FTS would like the opportunity to guide you through your upcoming move, because the best part of moving is when it’s a pleasant, yet distant, memory.

FTS is here to help you better prepare for your move as well as save you costly hours and aggravation on “move day”. Feel free to call us anytime. We would be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a FREE, guaranteed, written estimate at your request.