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This moving company was recommended to me through a broker. I contacted them to move my belongings from Oregon to North Carolina. The move was originally scheduled fir Pick up on June 23, 2020 however the Bull mover did not show up until June 26, 2020, I was on the verge of contacting another company to see if they could fit me in really quickly but against my better judgment I decided to stay with this company as I had already given them a deposit. A young man name Alex showed up alone. In addition to being alone, he was driving a Penske truck which should've been my second red flag. Upon examining my belongings he stated the broker had under estimated the cost of the move. Per Alex it would be an additional $900.00. I contacted the company and spoke to Daniel, the manager. Per Daniel the broker often make these kind of mistakes and he would speak to him about it. Nevertheless, my fiancé helped Alex put my things into the truck. Initially, the company stated they would deliver the furniture around July 7, 2020 I agreed. I contacted the company a few days before, however, My attempts were unsuccessful. When I was finally able to call company days after they were supposed to deliver they stated that the driver who was to come to North Carolina refused to come because of the COVID-19 pandemic and they would contact me as soon as they found another driver. Weeks go by before I was able to get a person from the moving company on the phone. I contacted the broker a person named Will - Will assured me that he would have the movers contact me. The manager named Daniel and Alex the mover contacted me. When I complained about Not having my furniture and how frustrated and stressful this move had been they both laughed at me. The company scheduled another delivery in September- my belongings were not delivered. Tired of the false promises, I contacted an attorney in October, 2020 I won a judgement for my belongings and a full refund in January 2021. I am awaiting word from this company regarding the judgement, however, I have little faith that they will comply. Throughout this entire ordeal I've reported them to the better business business and the federal motor carriers. I've recently reported them to the Illinois State Attorney General Office. If you have been scammed by this company, I encourage you to do the same. These unethical business practices must be stopped. Use the link below to report them to the Illinois state attorney general

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